Car Diagnostics Testing in West Kirby

D & M Motors are located in West Kirby, the Wirral. We offer car diagnostics testing for all makes and models. We use the latest in diagnostics equipment to connect to your car and read the diagnostic messages on the car's Engine Control Unit.

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Technician in a car performing engine diagnostics on a computer

Nearly all cars and vans made today have an Engine Control Unit (ECU). This is effectively a computer brain for the car. The ECU manages the engine, allocating resources and directing timings within the engine to help you car perform. The ECU also collects and stores messages sent to it by sensors situated throughout the car. These sensors can help detect faults and issues. When issues, or potential issues, are identified the reference codes are logged by the ECU.

By connecting D & M Motors' specialist diagnostic tools to your cars' ECU, we are able to see the reference codes that have been stored. With these reference codes we are able to track and diagnose problems with your car, potentially saving you large amounts of money by stopping what may have become a major (a.k.a expensive) issue whilst it is still a minor issue.

For more information about D & M Motors Diagnostic Testing services, please call 0151 6257984 or send us a message using our Contact Form.

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